Our Approach

We approach every project with an open mind and inform others on the team to do the same.  At every stage we are responsive to our clients program requirements and budget.

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During the course of the project we provide feedback on probable construction costs and ensure that construction drawings leads to bids that are within budget. Our effort along with other experienced consultants that we select on our team, provide sound value based construction documents. In addition to meeting the client’s programmatic requirements, a lot of attention goes into creating a building that has aesthetic appeal for marketability and provides an enhanced user experience.

With the challenges facing the architectural profession and the construction industry SKL is well poised for the meeting the future demands of the market in providing creative, cost-effective architectural solutions than bring a lasting value to our clients and communities.



“The hotel opening was a tremendous success exceeding all our expectations.”
- Chris M. , Hotel Manager HIE Belmont, CA

“The design of the building sets the bar high for future architects proposing projects in the vicinity.”
- Planning Commissioner, Lake Forest, CA