Firm Profile

For more than two decades, Walnut Creek based architectural firm SKL Associates, Inc., has provided architectural services for clients throughout California.  SKL was founded by architect Sharad Lal, AIA who has more than 30 years architecture and urban planning experience in the USA and Asia.  The firm’s philosophy is based on bringing the “knowledge of the architect” to service the needs of our clients and enhance the overall quality of our built environment.

SKL has completed new and remodel projects of various types including hospitality, mixed-use, retail, light industrial and residential. We are a small firm providing a client focused personalized attention to every project. Most of our clients have heard about us through “word-of-mouth” and a significant number are repeat customers.


Since 1998 SKLA has implemented the use “building information modeling” (BIM) for all projects. BIM has been instrumental in providing the development team and reviewing agencies with visual 3-D imagery of the design during the conceptual stage. BIM models created for the design phase are used for presentations and visual simulations for design review boards. When needed we can perform other technical analysis such as sun-shadow diagram and massing study. The efficiencies achieved in design and production using the latest technologies result in faster turnaround and savings in fees for our clients.

SKL’s designs have voluntarily provided sustainable features in buildings long before “green” became a buzz word in the construction industry. As an office standard most projects have a combination of “cool-roofs”, day-lighting, enhanced insulation or solar orientation features built-into the design. These measures have helped clients realize operational savings in energy bills and increased comfort level of the indoor environment